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From pre-production to post, Stunts 911 provides unsurpassed

and complete stunt action design and services for all your action needs.


"From Creation to Completion,
We are there for you"


The Stunts 911 Action Unit Team is one of the best in the business, experienced in all aspects of stunt work and action design, working both nationally and internationally, providing professional stunt teams, rigging and all related equipment for Feature Films and Television.


We customize our team to each productions specific needs, tailored to the directors vision while integrating the action to enhance the style and tone of the film or TV project.

All of our stunt performers are world class Stunt Professionals specializing in Action Design, Fight Choreography, High Falls, Fire Burns, Precision Driving, Ratchets, Air Rams, Western Stunts, Horse Masters, Martial Arts, Motorcycles, Water Work, Wire Work, Car Crashes and Turnovers, Sword Play, Guns, Armourers, Motion Capture, Pre Viz, Acrobatics, Parkour, Personalized Stunt Training for Cast... and virtually any other type of Stunt Action you may need or want to create for your Feature Film, Series Television or Commercial Production.  Simply put...


"If You Can Imagine It - We Can Create It"

We've Got'em! - Specializing in Precision Driving for Movies - TV - Commercials

We are proud to have one of the finest flying and rigging teams in the industry.

You Name It

We'll Fly It!

Working with all size budgets

Special EFX Cameras

Available For Fight Sequences

Stunts 911 Action Design


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